Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Expert Interview

For our expert interview, my team and I interviewed Anna Gamel, a tour guide with the Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington, a popular tourist trap here in the Wilmington area. Anna has a great number of years of experience in storytelling, theater, performance and, so we are led to believe, experiences with the supernatural. Unfortunately, due to the limited space, we were forced to film within the cramped confines of an employee breakroom, which necessitated that we get rather claustrophobic during the course of our filming.  Unable to set up a wide range of lighting trees, we were luckily able to ascertain that a single key light provided very intense and dramatic shadows that were very fitting for what we were about to shoot.  The harsh light and deep shadows on Anna's face providing a very spooky image, reminiscent of placing a flashlight under your chin while sitting around the campfire telling scary stories.

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