Tuesday, October 10, 2017


While I have filmed many amateur movies since I was a child, this project marks the first time where I took time to create pre-visualization materials prior to the shoot. While I can definitely see the benefit behind creating storyboards and shooting plans, unfortunately, for me, this was decidedly difficult. I am a passable visual artist, at best, and being a bit of a perfectionist, I can believe that I spent way more time than perhaps I should have trying to make sure that I was illustrating a storyboard that appeared cohesive and also comprehensive. Thankfully, my wife, being a professional comic book writer, was able to assist me with the Ins-and-Outs of sequential art, and making the "action" and "movement" trackable.

Additionally, the shooting plan was surprisingly rather helpful to me, as it allowed me to get a real sense of the space, where we can place the cameras, and how to generate an efficient workflow without having to figure it out on the day of the shoot, itself.

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