Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Master Shot: The Interrogation

From NYPD Blue, to Law & Order, to Blade Runner, some of the most suspenseful and intriguing scenes in Film and Television revolves around the interrogation room.  For the master shot scene, I am interpreting the Bran & Park dialogue scene to have a bit more sinister undertones.  Bran, in this instance, will be taking on the role of an investigator, looking into the mysterious Park -- a polyglot with a criminal record that seems to be decidedly silent and a hard nut to crack open. It is my intention to use low lighting to evoke a noir-esque feel of the scene, hearkening back to classic detective dramas. Low dialogue volume and subtle microexpressions will be absolutely key to giving this scene the weight and the intrigue that it requires. While Bran & Park's conversation occurs within the interrogation room, a mysterious, silent third party (which we're referring to as "JOHN,") will be watching the discourse via a security camera in the middle of the room.  Is Bran getting closer to discovering the nature behind this mysterious Park?  Or has Park's charisma and charm compromised Agent Bran's integrity...?

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