Friday, November 16, 2012

World of Dorkness.

Nostalgia is a curious thing.  On one hand, it becomes a comforting teat to suckle upon in an attempt to regain our youth.  On the other, it can be a means of escape.  As a table-top gamer, one of the inevitable things we must deal with is the passage of time.  Rules are errata'd, new editions revise previous ones, entire gaming lines become as arcane and forgotten as the realms in which they portray.  (See what I did there?)

White Wolf's World of Darkness setting, beginning in 1991 with Vampire: The Masquerade, was one such game.  Loved by thousands of fans, the games remained in print and fairly consistent (with the occasional retcon', or discontinuation with such ill-fated games as Wraith: The Oblivion, or Changeling: The Dreaming) until the World of Darkness ended in 2004.  Literally, each and every game's canon story met with an Apocalyptic ending.

Afterward, White Wolf introduced the New World of Darkness (or nWOD, as we call it on the streets) and sought to re-vamp (yuk-yuk) its series with a smaller-scale, more melancholy line focused upon personal horror.

This decision was met with both praise and criticism.  While many fans (myself included) enjoyed the New World of Darkness, it could never be a replacement.  Merely an alternative. 

Recently, White Wolf has announced The Onyx Path, a subsidiary publishing group that has begun re-releasing the original classic World of Darkness games, beginning with "V20" -- Vampire: The Masquerade - 20th Anniversary Edition.

This news has reawakened my interest in the classic WoD.  As such, I have started running a campaign of a game I tragically avoided, Mage: The Awakening.  In addition to that, my next series of posts will include an in-depth analysis of each of the classic WoD lines.  A "how-to-play" and a "how-NOT-to-play."   Curiosities and observations.  I imagine that once I have finished with the Classic World of Darkness, I may move on to additional Role-Playing Games.  But until then, bundle up tightly, for we take our first step into a world of monsters.  A world... of DARKNESS!

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  1. After a hefty period of decline and mismanagement, the whole Onyx Path thing shows that White Wolf is ahead of the curve: they started re-releasing their entire catalog on DriveThruRPG before fan outcry prompted Wizards of the Coast to start reprinting old editions of AD&D. They've done third and first, and I think they're going to do second edition and some module collections.