Tuesday, June 12, 2012


So, what with everyone creating new blogs and whatnot, I figured it was time to dust off my old blog (previously just used as a dumping ground for wayward thoughts during one of my college classes) and revitalize this creative outlet.

I find myself in a transitional period.  Having hit the glass ceiling of my job teaching film making and video editing I think it is time that I let my ambition take me where I want to be before necessity gives me little other option.  Additionally, the darling wife feels that I use this blog as an opportunity to express a lot of withheld feelings that I have suppressed for far too long.  I heartily agree with her.  Though it may be a little bit of time before this blog reinvents itself from a waste-bin from "edited out" ramblings of college essays to a "document of misery" (to quote Portlandia) I think merely assuring myself that it shall be done is a good step in the right direction.

Of course not every entry will be filled with whining and boo-hoo'ing.  I intend to use this as a repository for imaginings and reviews.

If nothing else, this entry is the deep breath before a plunge.


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  1. hey sexy a/s/l?

    No, seriously, I'm very proud of you. We're blog buddies! I'm writing a pretentious article about Food Politics. Yay!