Monday, February 9, 2009

The Kali Yuga.

One of the themes of Mahabharata is the world slipping into the Kali Yuga -- the "Age of Kali" or "Vice." The Mahabharata is a story of war and succession -- the Kali Yuga warns of people disregarding their Dharma in favor of greed and avarice. Lust, and murder will become commonplace, and families will be split apart.

In my confusion, I had associated this with Kālī (Durga), and after some research later found the "Kali" of Kali Yuga to be a completely different entity all-together.

I blame that, in part, to my perhaps misguided view of Kālī, stemming from books and movies where She is portrayed as a chaotic Goddess of Death and Destruction and little else -- as opposed to a prominent figure in Shaktiism.

In that respect, I find Kālī similar to the Goddess Hecate. Perhaps no more evil than Mankind itself -- a necessary balance. A darkness to light; winter to summer; yin and yang.